About Us

We are basically a web application. Our vision is to help a common man who is interested in building a house/renovating it but not able to find out the right professionals since he is limited with choice. In order to contact a professional, one has to take a time out of his busy schedule and roam around his area or contact professionals based on the reference given by his friends/family or colleagues, which cannot be right at all the time. Though he might find a professional, but the project cost may exceed his budget. And that’s where we come into the picture. With us, One just has to log in and full the required data. Bases on provided data, we will create a post for the user along with it, he will be provided with a dedicated profile, which will help him to access all the professionals who have shown interest on his post. The post will also act as a point of contact. Once the post is live, the user will be contacted only on his preferred time and will be provided with an estimated price for finishing the project. With this, a user can filter out the best quotation provided from the surrounding professionals. And the web application will also allow him to access all the previous projects done by a specific builder.

What has inspired us the most

As Indians, we think that home is where the world begins. Even though we travel much, we never truly feel at rest until we enter our home. It is the one place that gives us the most satisfaction, yet the peace doesn’t continues when it is being renovated or constructed it. Even if we have money, we have to quickly turn the corner to discover the one person whose quote matches our budget while also understanding our needs. But it's not that simple to track down that specific person. Finding the perfect individual to complete your task seems more difficult than even finding heaven. And it was this that most motivated us. With us, the appropriate person will contact you.

What makes us different then other players in the market.

Current scenario faced by the service providers

• When a service provider do not have enough work
• When a service provider is not known by much of people
• Do not have a big capital investment as other players in the market
• No easy way to gain a customer

With Askwikki

• A service provider just need a smartphone.
• Targeted and qualified perspective
• Category intelligence

Current scenario faced by the customers

• Too many things to do
• Do not have enough time
• Do not know whom to trust
• difficult to evaluate and choose

With Askwikki

• One just need only a smartphone
• Askwikki will help grow the business
• verified service provider
• match to specific needs
• gives an access to obtain quotations from various service providers
• helps to determine the market price
• one can show his true bargaining skills

How we can help you.

Since there are a lot of players on the market how do we standout ? we only show what customer needs instead of showing all the products we offer. Using this approach one can be focused on his goal thereby minimising time spent on the job and maximising the productivity. With Askwikki, a user is shown only those builders who have shown interest in his project if he searches for builders, this process will help him find the right builder quickly. As soon as a post goes live, all builders who are interested in the project are notified and quotations are shared based on those specifications. Using this method, the user can determine the average market price for completing his project and also establish a contact with the right builder to bargain the price.